June 20, 2015

Meet JANET’s Dancers!
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Bianca Brewton

“To be dancing with Janet Jackson is life changing. It’s helped shape my mindset on life, and my career. I’m beyond grateful.”






Melanie Mah

“It’s difficult to express in words how ecstatic and grateful I feel as I realize that I am going on a world tour with Janet Jackson. Dancing for Janet has always been my number one dream, and I am incredibly excited to embark on a journey with an icon who has inspired me so much as an artist. All this happening just makes me want to remind everyone in the world that absolutely no dream is too big. Believe in your dreams… they really do come true.”




Mishay Petronelli

“I am humbled beyond words to have the opportunity to dance with Janet Jackson on tour. I feel like I’m dreaming. Janet is an icon. An innovator. A revolutionary. She is a risk taker and a record breaker, and she changed the music industry forever. She is beautiful, powerful, brilliant and an exceptional artist. And on top of all that, she is an incredible human being, the kind of woman I aspire to be.  It is truly an honor to be a part of her legacy and be around her spirit. I have been dancing to her music since I was a little girl… I only wish my mom was still here with us to see it. This is my biggest dream come true and I am forever grateful.”



Dominique Battiste

“I am truly blessed and honored to have this opportunity to work with Janet Jackson and I thank her and Gil for believing in me. The fact that I will dance and be mentored by an ICON not only as an Entertainer but as a Strong, Hard Working Black Woman is only going to inspire me to be that and better.”



Alexandra Carson

“I always dreamed of dancing for Janet! Busting out in the “All For You” breakdown, touring, travelling, and ultimately living a life I loved. It took a lot of patience, sweat, hard work and tears. But I’m here and I’m ready to live the life I’ve always dreamed!”



Allison Buczkowski 

“Dreaming of this moment as a kid seemed just that, a dream. It’s the craziest and most amazing feeling to now be able to say my dream has come true. Thank you so much to Janet and her team for giving me this opportunity and believing in me. I am so grateful…”


China Taylor 

“When I was younger I would watch every Janet Jackson tour and almost every performance on repeat. Watching every move and memorizing the steps in my mirror. Dancing for Janet Jackson is more than just another dance job. It is THE job. To work for a woman who is passionate, hard working, and one of the greatest performers of generations past, present, and future is more than any dancer could ask for. Watching her dancers of the past and seeing how it’s made them the best of all time and how they’ve inspired me is something that makes my heart pound. Touring with her will change my life. The moment the lights turn on, the music starts, and the crowd screams will be implanted in my soul forever. All I can do is thank Janet, Gil, and her entire team to give me this opportunity to learn and grow not just as a dancer but also as an individual.”




Taylor Hatala

“To have the opportunity to work with the biggest female icon in the music industry is the most amazing feeling in the world!

This is BEYOND my wildest dreams. Thank you to Janet and her team for this unreal opportunity! I am so so grateful!!” 💕






Kyndall Harris

“Touring with Janet is beyond anything that I could have imagined! She is the ultimate ICON and I still can’t believe that I have this opportunity to dance with her! This is the most amazing experience ever!!! I am so grateful and humble, thank you Janet for making all of my dreams come true!” ❤









To learn more about JANET’s Unbreakable World Tour, visit

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